About us

TPO's Current PicVeteran, blogger & radio personality Tom O’Halloran was designing this radio station months before he ever thought of doing his own radio show. While the project stalled over technical issues, he started doing his “Patriot Radio Show” on KCAA AM 1050 in So. California on Tuesdays & Wednesdays and his “Jihad On America” on Fridays. Tom has moved his show from 9PM 3 nights a week to 9AM 5 days a week and can be heard on PatriotRadioShow.com, RedNationRadio.com and a couple other venues.

at Red Nation Radio, we pledge to provide a safe, secure, easy to use environment for conservatives to get their message out. This station will be 25% owned by the hosts, who vest their interest based on the number of shows they produce before the station is sold. Please see the “Making Money With US” tab under the banner for more details.

We also allow hosts to keep 100% of all sponsorship and ad revenue they generate. We do this to enable the hosts to offset the price they pay for the show. It is not difficult to see how such an arrangement can turn your show into a profitable business in a rather short order.